MSc Dissertation (by research)

Student Title Defense date Detailssort descending
Luiza Mayer Bringer Corteletti Selection of Sewage Treatments in the Scope of Hydrographic Basins from Different Methodological Approaches. 14/06/2017 MSc dissertation
Valeria Alban Dominguez Subsidy for the Evaluation and Scaling of Reservation Units for Small Irrigation Systems. 08/06/2017 MSc dissertation
Luana Lavagnoli Moreira Sensitivity Analysis of Parameters and of Performance of the Soil and Water Assessment Tools (SWAT) model in the Mean Discharge Estimation at Watersheds. 19/04/2017 MSc dissertation
Georgynio Yossimar Rosales Aylas Analysis of the Influence of the Soil Use and Occupation and the Use of the Technique of Assimilation of Meteorological Data in the Performance of the WRF Model. 06/04/2017 MSc dissertation
Juan Felipe Medina Velásquez Evaluation of the physical parametrizations of the WRF model for the atmospheric layer of the Metropolitan Region of the Great Victory. 05/04/2017 MSc dissertation
Larissa Coutinho Rosa Simulation of the alumina dispersion at the Alcântara Launch Center for different atmospheric stability conditions 31/03/2017 MSc dissertation
Núbia Lais Fernandes Batista Proposition of methodology based on soil quality indicators for agricultural production sustainability 14/12/2016 MSc dissertation
Davi de Ferreyro Monticelli Estimating asthmatic children exposure and dose to air pollutants in an urban industrialized area 18/08/2020 MSc dissertation


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