Name: Larissa Finotti Machado
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 17/12/2019

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José Antônio Tosta dos Reis Advisor *

Examining board:

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José Antônio Tosta dos Reis Advisor *
Antonio Sérgio Ferreira Mendonça Internal Examiner *

Summary: The selection of sanitary effluent treatment efficiencies, when analyzed within the
watershed, is a complex process, since it must perform the joint analysis of multiple
releases, which have different flow rates and quality characteristics in watercourses
with different assimilation capacities. With the objective of establishing subsidies for
the determination of minimum sewage treatment efficiencies within a watershed, using
a combination of water quality model and optimization technique, this research sought
to establish and apply optimization models that would allow the determination of
minimum efficiencies for the removal of organic matter and nitrogen compounds. The
minimization of the sum of efficiencies, the compliance with the environmental quality
standards established for the watercourses and measures of equity between releases
were aspects incorporated by the optimization models developed. The proposed
models were applied to the Pardo River basin, a tributary of the Itapemirim River, which
is the most important watercourse in the southern region of the state of Espírito Santo.
The results indicated that the optimization models that employed objective function
equity measures produced similar results and invariably suggested greater treatment
effort than that indicated by a model whose objective function exclusively sought to
minimize treatment efficiencies. The evaluation of Lorenz Curves and the appropriate
values for the Gini Coefficient led to the conclusion that the models that incorporated
equity measures in the objective function presented satisfactory performance
regarding the distribution of the treatment effort within the watershed.

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