Evaluation of nanotechnological processes applied to harvesting of microalgae biomass

Name: Ana Carolina de Lima Barizão
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 25/07/2023

Examining board:

Namesort ascending Role
Sérvio Túlio Alves Cassini Advisor *
Regina de Pinho Keller Internal Examiner *
Paulo Wagnner Pereira Antunes External Examiner *
Laura Marina Pinotti Internal Examiner *
Jairo Pinto de Oliveira Co advisor *
André Romero da Silva External Examiner *

Summary: Microalgae have garnered significant interest due to their diverse applications in the
production of biofuels, functional foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. However, one
of the challenges encountered during their production is the harvesting stage, which is
often laborious and inefficient. In this context, harvesting using magnetic nanoparticles
emerges as a promising technique to overcome these difficulties. These nanoparticles can
attach to the cell walls of microalgae, allowing for their recovery through the application
of a magnetic field. Some particles can even be utilized to functionalize these
nanoparticles, enhancing their characteristics and optimizing their application. Thus, this
study provided a comprehensive overview of the various potential applications of
microalgae, emphasizing their potential in wastewater treatment, CO2 fixation, and
bioproduct production, seeking to solve the limiting step through innovative approaches
that included the selection and analysis of nanoparticles derived from different sources
and their optimized use in the harvesting of Chlorella sp., both in their naked form and
when functionalized.

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