Estimation of surface suspended sediment concentration in estuarine environment using DEIMOS-1 data: The case of Vitória-ES, Brazil

Resumo: The aim of this research is to improve the sediment dynamic of the estuarine systems knowledge as well as its relation with the hydrodynamics patterns. In this work digital data level 0R will be extracted from DEIMOS-1 measurements. The Pacha Ricaj Software will be used to data processing and radiometric, atmospheric and geometric corrections. The next step is to convert these data to radiance and reflectance data in order to compare with surface suspended sediment concentrations and to correlate this result with the synoptic hydrodynamic obtained from numerical simulation accomplished by MOHID hydrodynamic model. Statistics techniques will be used to relate the surface suspended sediment concentrations with reflectance. Proceeding in this way we will be able to identify the best reflectance bands related to surface suspended sediment concentrations and to generate distribution maps of superficial suspended sediment concentration.

Data de início: 2010-07-23
Prazo (meses): 24


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Aluno Mestrado Gregório Luiz Galvão Teixeira
Coordenador Julio Tomás Aquije Chacaltana
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