Mathematical and Stochastical Modelling of Atmopheric Processes

Field of study: Air Pollution
Description: Mathematical and computational modelling of physical and chemical processes related to air pollution in the lower troposphere.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
Co-relation between population anoyance, health effects and concentration exposure to air pollutants 11/05/2015 24
Network Dispersion mechanins in strrets network 01/07/2022 60
LES Mathematical Modelling of Air Pollution Dispersion in Urban Enviroments 01/07/2009 36
MEP Mathematical modelling of liquid droplets evaporation inside porous media 01/07/2009 36
MMAC Modelling and monitoring of air quality in urban regions and its effects on health 05/02/2018 71
Numerical and experimental analisys of atmospheric emission and dispersion of particles emitted from stock piles 11/05/2015 96
pm25 Particulate matter in urban environments - quantification, chemicl speciation and source apportionment 31/07/2010 24
MSTUNIMULT Univariate and multivariate time series with discrete and continuous marginal distributions 18/10/2017 72
01/01/2017 66
EMSTESApli 18/05/2013 63
TFPARTRGV 05/01/2015 36
FONTES 01/03/2014 24
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